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Multispectral skin instrument
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Dermatology departments of top hospitals have accumulated high-quality data for many years; the chief doctors of medical beauty institutions and beauty experts have refined data; the cloud platform has accumulated data.
Multispectral skin instrument
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Leaded by the world's top image recognition experts, the team won the second place in the world in the Ali Tianchi Medical AI Competition and the first place in the enterprise group.
Multispectral skin instrument
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Skin measuring platform
skin type
Skin measuring platform
Skin measuring platform
Skin measuring platform
Skin measuring platform
Skin measuring platform
Skin measuring platform
Skin measuring platform
Skin measuring platform
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Skin measuring platform
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Skin measuring platform
Skin measuring platform

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Precipitate customer big data to empower the chain operation of the US industry

skin diagnosis AI magic mirror
Supports unified management of multiple stores
Supports binding multiple devices, opens the shopping guide mode, and collects shopping guide data, and the administrator can check the overall data from time to time.
Support the configuration of the official account
In the skin test report link, users are supported to scan the code on WeChat to view the report, and the official account associated with the scan code can be changed by themselves and in variety.
Support to replace LOGO
In order to unify the brand vision, support the administrator account or shopping guide account to replace the LOGO arbitrarily.
Support the entry of products and nursing suggestions
According to the user test results, the products and nursing suggestions entered by the merchants can be recommended.



Skin magnifying glass Skin magnifying glass Skin magnifying glass Skin magnifying glass Skin magnifying glass
01.AI智能魔镜 B端款模组
02.AI智能魔镜 C端款模组
03.AI智能魔镜 B端款SDK
04.AI智能魔镜 C端款SDK

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After using data from many stores, almost all stores have seen a significant increase in customer traffic

Facial Skin Detection
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Scan code to divert traffic to online
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Professional analysis of facial skin, a must-have tool for new beauty retail

Skin magnification detector
AI Magic Mirror Flagship
Skin magnification detector
AI Magic Mirror Basic
Skin magnification detector
AI Magic Mirror Round
Skin magnification detector
AI Magic Mirror Mini

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Transfer each other from online to offline, systematic management

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+1. How accurate is the measurement?

The accuracy of detection is strongly related to the degree of conformity between the collected image and the real condition of the skin. On the one hand, it depends on whether there is occlusion, makeup, etc. when the facial skin is collected. On the other hand, it also depends on the shooting environment, such as whether the light is sufficient. , no backlight, focusing, etc..
In general, when using the AI ​​magic mirror, the measured object has no makeup, the shooting lighting is uniform and sufficient, the pixel is high and the image is clear, and the final accuracy will be relatively high.< br />Horizontal comparison, Yiyuan AI magic mirror skin measurement algorithm model, the accuracy has been recognized by senior dermatology experts, in the field of facial skin testing at the leading level in the industry.

+2.Does the AI ​​magic mirror need to be operated by someone?

You don't need
Once the test page is turned on, customers can operate the test by themselves. The magic mirror can judge the location of the customer's face through the camera, and guide the customer through voice, and finally make the face occupy the most suitable position. location, and automatically complete the shooting to obtain the clearest image information.
After the image is obtained, the magic mirror automatically completes the image analysis and displays the test report. At this time, the customer can view it by himself, or scan the code to read the report to the mobile phone. Check.

+3. Why the skin test results are sometimes misjudged

The AI ​​magic mirror automatically recognizes facial structure, skin texture or skin problems based on the input image and the AI ​​engine deployed in the cloud. If the image is dark, too bright or unclear, and the recognition is low due to various reasons , which will lead to misjudgment of the model, which is generally used to judge indicators that are easily affected by the environment, such as skin age, pores, and spots.
From another perspective, the technical principle of the AI ​​​​mirror application is AI image analysis, that is, through the The form of artificial intelligence to look at pictures and issue test reports has the limitation of technical route. If the pictures themselves are not enough to distinguish the real information, even if you are a dermatologist, you can only look at the pictures and sigh.

+4. I have a WeChat official account applet, can I associate the AI ​​magic mirror with it?

You can
In the management background of AI Magic Mirror, merchants can set the associated WeChat public account or applet QR code, and customers can scan the skin test report on the magic mirror QR code, and send the detailed test report to the customer's mobile phone through the corresponding official account or applet, so that the customer can check it privately.
Applying this method, the merchant can send the offline traffic brought by the AI ​​magic mirror to the customer's mobile phone. Online guidance, and at the same time learn about offline customer user portraits.

+5. I do skin care and beauty services, can you recommend my products and services after the test?

You can
In the management background of AI Magic Mirror, merchants can import their own products and services (picture description price), and configure corresponding functions, including efficacy, applicable skin type, gender, etc. Magic The built-in algorithm of the mirror, after obtaining the test results, can recommend related products and services according to the configured functions.

+6. What should I pay attention to when installing?

1 It can be placed on the desktop or mounted on the wall, and the installation height should make the camera between 1.45-1.65.
2 When placed on the desktop, the table should be stable and flat, and it should be mounted on the wall. When going up, the mirror surface should be parallel to the wall.
3 The surrounding light should be soft and uniform, there should be no strong light facing the camera, and it should not be too dark.
4 If conditions permit, it is recommended to configure a liftable seat. It is convenient for the tester to take the sitting posture adjustment test, if so, the corresponding installation height of the magic mirror needs to be adjusted.

+7. Advantages of using AI magic mirror

Empowering—making the store more technologically advanced and helping the store owner to understand customers better
Following—seeing and measuring, scanning the code to read the report, and using it to attract fans such as official account mini-programs
Marketing - Interact with the flow of people at the marketing site to help offline marketing

+8. Can skin diseases be identified?

Currently, the skin model can identify acne-related skin problems or spots such as blackheads, pimples, etc.
Yifu started as a medical skin image, and currently has a deep understanding of many hospitals in the field of skin disease detection. Cooperation. However, these project results, due to industry licensing reasons, are not suitable for API products.
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