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Multispectral skin instrument
more accurate
more accurate top algorithm team, top dermatologist
Multispectral skin instrument
more comprehensive
11 analysis dimensions, forty subdivision indicators
Multispectral skin instrument
More flexible
Provides data interface, customizable development, convenient integration
Multispectral skin instrument
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Multispectral skin instrument
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Comprehensive interpretation of the true state of the skin

The secret of the bottom layer of the skin, it is not accurate to judge only by the naked eye. Knowing the true state of your skin, scientific skin care is more effective

automatic skin measurement API/SDK
skin quality
top algorithm team, top dermatologist
automatic skin measurement API/SDK
Wrinkles, creases or creases in the skin that are increased due to sun exposure and are associated with reduced skin elasticity.
automatic skin measurement API/SDK
The expansion and smoothness of the sebum openings, because the open pores will have shadows and their color will be darker than normal skin tone.
automatic skin measurement API/SDK
Adapt to chain, support batch LOGO replacement, configuration replacement
automatic skin measurement API/SDK
For visible spots on the skin surface or other pigmentation of the epidermis, such as sunburn, freckles, acne, acne marks, moles, etc.
automatic skin measurement API/SDK
Absorption of UV light by epidermal melanin directly beneath the skin surface results in the display and detection of UV-spots that may be caused by sun damage.
automatic skin measurement API/SDK
brown spots
Brown spots are recessive spots deeper than UV spots, such as melasma, freckles and other skin lesions.
automatic skin measurement API/SDK
Provides a data interface, which can be customized and developed to facilitate integration

Organized skin testing, empowering beauty industry chain management

The cluster manages and controls the skin measuring instrument, accumulates customer big data, and empowers the beauty industry chain operation

skin diagnosis AI magic mirror
01. Adapt to chain brand management
Support the creation of multiple sub-accounts, the main account to manage sub-accounts, and unified management of product recommendations, parameter configuration, report display, and statistical analysis.
02. Normalization of customer data
Support the establishment of customer-centric health records, and form easy-to-migrate and visualized customer big data, so that data can generate value.
03. Brand unified management
The main account is uniformly configured with all sub-accounts to replace the logo on the software side of the skin meter software to assist in establishing and controlling the chain brand image.
04. Product recommendation control
The main account operates skin care and makeup product data upload, supports single product and multi-variety upload methods, manages and controls the products to be recommended, and achieves efficient and convenient recommendation management
05. Normalization of customer data
Main account operation, in-depth mining of customer big data, analysis of user frequency,user ratio,future forecast,potential customers , etc., to deeply understand customers.
06. Unified correction of analysis results
Main account operation, supports customized expression of skin test results, and deeply cooperates with the differentiated marketing of Meiye Company.



Skin magnifying glass Skin magnifying glass


+1. Is the measurement accurate?

The detection accuracy is strongly related to the degree of conformity between the collected image and the real condition of the skin, which depends on whether there is occlusion, makeup, etc. when the facial skin is collected, and on the other hand, it is also related to the shooting environment, such as whether the lighting is sufficient. At the same time, if the collection device is a mobile phone, whether the beauty function is used or not is also an important factor.
In general, no makeup on the skin, uniform and sufficient lighting, high pixels and no excessive PS , the final accuracy will be relatively high.
In terms of horizontal comparison, Yiyuan Skin Smart Testing API skin testing platform, the accuracy has been recognized by senior dermatology experts, and it is at the leading level in the field of facial skin testing. .

+2. Why does your Demo sometimes misjudge

The API platform automatically recognizes facial structure, skin texture or skin problems based on the input image and the AI ​​engine deployed in the cloud. If the input image has a complex background other than a portrait, there is a certain probability that the API will misjudge. , which is generally used to judge whether there is a hat, earrings, etc., which are greatly affected by the background. For key points such as skin quality and skin problems, unless the image itself is lost, the probability of misjudgment by the API is small

+3. Can I use your business for my store on Tmall, Jingdong and Taobao?

But because the shooting equipment is relatively fixed, and the image acquisition is greatly affected by the ambient light, it is not recommended to develop this function on the PC side. It can be deployed on the mobile terminal, and secondary development is carried out in the store. As a pre-sales service method or a way of attracting traffic, the Skin Intelligence test API has been deployed to serve a number of Tmall merchants by calling the camera function of the mobile terminal, collecting images, uploading the API, and receiving the returned results.

+4. Can it be integrated into my APP applet?

You can
A small program or APP can be developed, by calling the camera function of the mobile terminal, uploading the API after collecting the image, and receiving the returned result. Dagene, Fumei skin care and other APPs or small programs.

+5. Can it be integrated into my skin tester dermoscopy robot?

As long as the device has a camera with sufficient resolution and can be connected to the Internet normally, it can be called and integrated.
At present, the skin intelligence test API has been deployed in Wei'an Technology and Liangliang Technology. , Conga Robot and other terminal hardware equipment.

+6. Advantages after access

Empowering—accurately understand the subject's skin quality and skin problems, this is the basic powder absorption—provide a novel skin measurement function for powder absorption and drainage such as public accounts
-- The new skin test function can improve traffic marketing
--measured user skin condition can be used for precise marketing and product recommendation

+7. Can skin diseases be identified?

At present, the skin intelligence test API platform can identify acne, pimples and other skin problems or spots related to acne.
Yifu started as a medical skin image, and currently has a number of The hospital has in-depth cooperation. However, these project results are not suitable for API products due to industry licensing reasons.

+8. Recommendations for skin care products and cosmetics after the skin test, can you recommend my products?

You can
The Skin Intelligence Test API platform returns the basic knowledge about the subject's facial skin, such as skin texture and skin problems, how to interpret these knowledge to generate a skin test report, and further It is up to the customer to recommend related care products. Yiyuan provides report templates and corresponding data entry channels for the products to be recommended.
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